Svetlana Molnarova

Svetlana Molnarova

Amatsu Practitioner

Contact: 083 440 8603

I have always been interested in movement therapies, which I see as a logical progression of my interest in Yoga. I have sought out the best teachers available in whatever discipline I study. That is why I wanted to study Amatsu with Paul Hand.

My specific interest in Amatsu was sparked by my experience of having Amatsu treatment for a persistent hip problem. My treatment was both non-invasive and highly effective. After researching more about Amatsu, I decided to train as an Amatsu therapist.

I was very fortunate to be put in touch with Paul Hand, who runs the Yorkshire Amatsu School in the UK. Paul accepted me as a student in 2013 and I began to travel to Doncaster to train with him on a regular basis.

I continue to study with Paul in what I see as a lifelong study of Amatsu. I also attend workshops in Feldenkrais method on a regular basis. I am a member of the Register of Physical therapists Ireland, therefor my Amatsu clients can claim for their treatments through major health insurers.

I can be contacted on the above mobile number or email.


Dublin 2, Dublin 7, Dun Laoghaire

Svetlana Molnarova